Shareaza 1.9: Bringing P2P Together

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Shareaza v1.8.9.34 Release Candidate

Get the latest Shareaza 1.9 release candidate with all new trackerless/decentralised BitTorrent, full Unicode support, new Shareaza Remote, more bug fixes, greater stability, etc. Download Now and Discuss

Shareaza 1.9 Bringing P2P Together

Help us test Shareaza 1.9!

The next major version of Shareaza is here -- almost. As promised, the Shareaza 1.9 public beta is available now. The mysterious two new networks were in fact eDonkey2000, known for its efficient sharing and large file selection, and BitTorrent, known for fast access to very new files. These are now available in addition to Shareaza's premiere Gnutella2 network and the legacy Gnutella1 network, giving you four P2P systems at your fingertips.

These new network haven't just been tacked on -- Shareaza has been redesigned as a true universal P2P client, able to take full advantage of all the resources available to it. When downloading a file, it can be swarmed from all connected networks simultaneously, automatically selecting the best fragmentation and partial verification schemes! The new upload system is extremely powerful, supporting complex user-defined queues to optimise sharing the most important files first.

All interested users are invited to help test Shareaza 1.9 Beta. Help us make Shareaza the ultimate file sharing program!

"The era of file-sharing applications competing on the merits of their chosen network has passed."

Since its release in July last year, Shareaza has come to be recognized as one of the most innovative P2P applications, positioned at the bleeding edge of new ideas and technologies. Until now, all of this energy has gone into making Shareaza the "best Gnutella client". Along the way Gnutella had to be improved, so Shareaza developed and championed Gnutella2 - now the most feature-rich (but not the largest) file sharing-network in existence today.

But "Gnutella" is only one of many networks, and the era of file-sharing applications competing on the merits of their chosen network has passed. P2P programs must compete on their own merits, on how good the application itself is. Then users will be able to select the program they like best instead of having to put up with something just to access the network they prefer.

The next version of Shareaza represents a fundamental shift: Shareaza will no longer strive to be the ultimate Gnutella client - it will strive to be the "ultimate P2P client".

Shareaza 1.9 will offer access to two additional P2P networks, both of which enjoy substantial popularity, as well as the premiere Gnutella2 network and support for the legacy Gnutella1 network. Following that, future versions will offer an even wider selection of networks.

These changes will redefine Shareaza as a true "P2P client", rather than simply a "Gnutella client". People will be free to choose Shareaza as their client of choice without being restricted to only one or two networks.